The meeting dates for the rest of the year (but can change on short notice):

DateSet Subject

1 Feb 2019

January 2019 – Club Meeting (Macro)

16 Feb 2018


Just some more info regarding the 2019 AGM.

It takes place on 16 February 2019 at the Waterfront Complex Lapa starting at 18:00.

We will have a sheep on the spit and all the supporting food to go with it. There is no cost for this.

All you need to bring is your own drinks, cutlery, plates and glasses.

Could you please let Glynnis know how many people will be attending (by Friday 1 February 2019) so that we can make sure that we have sufficient food for all.

I have served my two years as President. This year we will be possibly electing a new committee. All the present members of the committee are willing to stand again. You are welcome to nominate any member that is in good standing with the club. Please ensure that any person nominated accepts the nomination (this is as per our Constitution).

I am looking forward to seeing you all there with your spouses. Let us make this a great get together as only the Midlens people can.
Take care,

8 March 2019

March – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Water)

12 April 2019

April – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Magic of Colours)

10 May 2019

May – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Mountains)

7 June 2019

June – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Run)

12 July 2019

July – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Trees & Woods)

2 August 2019

August – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Night Images)

13 Sept 2019

September – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Sport Dynamics)

11 Oct 2019

October – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Music Dance)

8 Nov 2019

November – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Series & Sequences)

17 Jan 2020

January – Club Meeting (Set Subject = Architecture)

We have moved back to the Chamber of Commerce auditorium (next to the Dros). 

The meetings officially start at 19:00.