The Midlens Fotoklub / Photo Club uses a star rating and promotion system as proposed by PSSA.  Over time this system has changed and adapted to allow for advances in photography as well as the better administrative efforts of the club.

In January 2018 we as club are moving to use PhotovaultOnline.com to manage all club competitions as well as member levels and promotions.  This system is the most widely used product for PSSA affiliated clubs (and it is free, which helps).  During this transition we as club have also decided to adjust our member and promotion system to align with PSSA and the PhotovaultOnline system.  The new system will work like this:

  • Each author/photographer will from now on only have one star level in which he/she competes.  This star level will apply to all categories he/she takes part in.  As an example:  Assume that I am a 3 Star worker then I will compete in Nature, Open and Monochrome categories in 3 Star level.  All my entries and awards will count to my promotion to 4 Star.
  • All salon entries will accumulate towards this single rating and thus Monochrome, Scapes, Nature, Pictorial … all salon points adds up to your single salon points rating for promotion.
  • The monthly club competitions will work as follows:
    – Max 4 images in any of the following categories:
    — Nature (max 2 entries)
    — Open (max 2 entries)
    — Monochrome (max 2 entries)
    — Set-Subject (max 2 entries)
    All 4 images (including set-subject) will be judged in normal fashion with com/gold/silver/bronze awards and all count towards your single star and promotion point.

Please feel free to contact the committee by email (info@midlens.co.za) with any questions and comments.